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    I received a check from cj about a week ago, it's not much, $100.50 to be exact(already converted to php my local currency). I tried to deposit it in my bank but they did not accept it, they said the check has no bank routing number so they can't process it.

    I tried to search if someone has the same problem but didnt find anyone from a few google searches so I contacted CJ.

    They said I have 2 options: send them back the check with a note on why it was declined or i can pay $50 and they will issue a check, sort of they will deduct it from my earnings.

    If i will send them the check that will still cost me $ and will have to wait 1 month for them to receive the check and 1 month again for me to receive the new check, plus the hassle. Well the other option i have to give them half of my earning which isnt really cool.

    So does anyone has experienced the same problem? What would be the way to deal with this. I'm attaching the check from CJ via WU business solution if anyone can relate. Thanks!!


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