Help please ! how should i start ?

Mehdi Belfort

Feb 18, 2017
Hello friends !
i am a completly newbie to this world, am reading a lot about cpa but thsi is too much informations for me, i watched a lot of videos on youtube but nothing, how should i start ? i am already accepted by Ogads. Thanks you guys
Choose a line of interest you wish to master, go through the lessons put up here. It will take several to get good at something, so be patient.
There are many methods for all kinds of IM ventures here in BHW mate so just get reading. Find something that strikes your fancy and put it into practice. Nobody is going to take you by the hand and show you the way.
okay so here is what you need to know, the learning curve takes some time - like everthing GREAT it takes time . I am at the same place like yourself but day by day i invest time and patience into learning the CPA craft.

SO here is what you need to know

If you want to read a good guide about CPA its written here so check it out.

THe people in this forum know their stuff, but no one is going to spoon feed you but trust me - its worth it
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