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Discussion in 'Proxies' started by laserfink, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    I have purchased a http proxy from vpn gates

    It was working fine for a couple of days , I use it only for posting ads so only gets used for minutes

    Was working fine this morning , then about 12pm , started becoming painfully slow and its never recovered yes today.

    Emailed support for proxy and they offered details of a temporary proxy to test and said things look fine their end on both proxies


    My computer didnt auto reboot as i dont accept microsoft updates automatically , yet something happened today between 11-12 that seems to have killed access to my proxy pretyy much slowing it to a crawl or it never connecting

    I have tried lots of other things including test on another computer , lots of reboots , rebooting router , turning fiorewall of temprarily etc and nithing seems to be helping

    Anyway i can TEST where the issue is , i emailed VPN gates about 4 hours ago asking for further help but no reply so may be closed for the day

    So I would appreciate opinion on vpn gates as a compnay , and the relaibilty of thier proxies

    and also any ideas i can use to test where the issue might be

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    Try ping the proxy for a while, check for packetloss and latency.
    Also try a traceroute to see how many hops it requires.

    It sounds like they sold you crap.
    A bad connection can of course slow down a proxy but if the proxy is hosted on a datacenter then speed should always be well useable.
    Except they limit it, or oversell their servers.