Help Needed: I can't install any Premium Wordpress Templates

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by sWesUn, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I'm losing my mind....

    2 days ago I installed fine, but the yesterday and today I can't install a single wordpress theme that isn't free and provided by wordpress.

    I've tried whichever way you can think, by uploading zip files, by trying through ftp, by uploading different folders...nothing works. All I usually get is a confirmation that the template was uploaded in the Appearance tab, but the template does not work properly when activated. When you preview you get a blank screen. When you activate you get a stripped down template( i mean barebone, with 1 post and no graphics).

    Also, Automatic installation almost always fails, you can't install with zip files. Seems like only ftp upload is possible. Installing Free Wordpress themes automatically works without a hitch, but any of mine don't work. I mean I tried like 8-9 different themes, so it can't be the themes. I even tried the one I last installed succesfully, and it doesn't work either. I tried installed on 2 different domains, doesn't take.

    My only guess is that this is somehow related to my hosting account. I've checked the account, and there is ton of disk space(hosted on unlimited space). Unless the hoster did something I'm not aware of, it can't be a reason for this either.

    Can anybody suggest anything? I got a business meeting tomorrow where I need to show my completed work, and I'm really struggling here..