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[Help Needed] Facebook Ads Daily Clicks Served criterion???

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by easycash27, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. easycash27

    easycash27 Senior Member

    Oct 13, 2009
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    Internet Marketer
    So I started with my facebook ads account some weeks ago, I had a $50 day limit and after a few success transactions (paying them) they increased my daily limit to $250. I was spending the $50 everyday, the first day with the $250 limit I spent $246, but now it seems each day they send me less and less traffic.

    Now my question is, why do I receive different amounts of clicks depending on the day?, having same amount of ads, and same "Bid" and all is the same on all days.

    Example of a campaign:


    As you can see the amount of clicks a day fluctuates with no apparent reason.

    Campaign Reach: 509,150
    Frequency: 3.5
    Clicks: 3,262
    CTR: 0.184%

    Campaign Reach: 827,147
    Frequency: 3.1
    Clicks: 5,342
    CTR: 0.206%

    Campaign Reach: 527,096
    Frequency: 3.1
    Clicks: 3,252
    CTR: 0.199%

    Campaign Reach: 479,845
    Frequency: 3.1
    Clicks: 3,094
    CTR: 0.205%

    Campaign Reach: 474,418
    Frequency: 2.8
    Clicks: 2,652
    CTR: 0.201%

    Campaign Reach: 935,241
    Frequency: 2.7
    Clicks: 4,980
    CTR: 0.198%

    And day 01/11 floor traffic again, 2,920 clicks.

    So during several consecutive days "Campaign Reach" (since it what gives me clicks at the end) fluctuates from day to day with no clear pattern.

    The campaign had exactly the same details during all period:

    -same number of ads
    -same maxium budget a day for the campaign
    -same "Bid" during all days on all ads.

    Same whatever you think because I didn´t touch anything on the campaing.

    It happens with all campaigns (campaign reach/clicks fluctuation)

    What the hell should I do in order to receive 5K+ daily clicks or even more and not 3K?

    Why the amount of campaign reach/clicks changes if I didn´t change anything?

    They don´t look the CTR to assign it, since day 01/08 I had:

    Campaign Reach: 479,845
    Clicks: 3,094
    CTR: 0.205%

    and day 01/10 I had

    Campaign Reach: 935,241
    Clicks: 4,980
    CTR: 0.198%

    So day 01/10 worst CTR and more campaign reach/clicks served, same thing seems to occur with "Frequency"

    SO key thing and what is getting me crazy is, can I make something to control the clicks/campaign reach I have a day???

    My campaign targets 30 milion persons, if that is important....

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  2. utopian

    utopian Registered Member

    Jan 31, 2011
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    the fluctuation could eb because of other Facebook users who are targeting the same/similar keywords/location/stuff that you are a looking at hence Facebook is dilly dallying between ur ads and the other/s