Help Needed - Domain Changes / Google Sandbox / Dupe Content

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    Very excited about getting more active in this amazing forum.

    I am currently heading SEO for a new website and I am having some terrible problems. They have had 2 domain changes within a very short space of time as they changed their company name then bought a 9 year old domain I recommended that was

    The old domain begain to rank well in the meantime for a number of long tail terms and now it appears the admin team here have also copied and pasted a ton of content before I arrived. I believe this has caused a lot of pages to not be indexed.

    I have started a mellow link building campaign probably approx. 15 - 20 links per week including high PR directories and high PR profile links, I believe this hasnt tripped anything.

    The new domain is only ranking around position 200 on the new domain but terms are still ranking well on the old domain. Does this sound like sandbox or is it the delay for moving domains? How long is could it take for the domain to move properly?

    I have also blocked all the dupe content with the robots.txt and it is user generated content so we can mail the owners and ask them to rewrite / ask if we can rewrite. I guess this is the best thing to do?

    If we are in the sandbox I believe we should continue high PR directories (inc. the expensive ones) and continue acquiring links as I have read many times on boards inc. this one.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the ppl I am working with have limited SEO knowledge and are freaking out a little.



    EDIT: I found these links very helpful - after using allintitle: / intitle: for terms on the new domain it does look like there is a high chance of sandboxing.

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