[HELP NEEDED]Combining Multiple Product feeds for affiliate website


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Oct 14, 2009
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Is there a way to combine multiple feeds? I'm thinking this would be best through excel, but my knowledge is of excel is terrible.

Lets say I got only 2 feeds. Both feeds have the same product keywords.
So far I'm using "Feed A" as the base. The feed looks something like this..

Product | Date | Price | Vendor | URL |

From Feed B, I would like to add another set of cells.

Product | Date | Price | Vendor | URL | VENDOR B | PRICE B | URL B

The feed gets put into a table comparing prices. I can't simply copy and paste due the fact that "Feed A" has alot more products so the cells wouldn't sync together.

Thanks for any help, this is now almost fully automated on my side allowing me to concentrate on content and Social Media.


P.S. Let me know if this doesn't make any sense LOL :confused:
Anyone kind enough to point me in the right direction on this?
Guess no one uses product feeds from CJ and stuff....wow. Manual is the only way huh?
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