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    Ok I have been doing a lot of looking around and I can't really find a good answer for this question.

    Is it possible to beat Google places for any given keyword?

    For instance when I do a search for "dentists sandpoint" a google 7 box shows up on the very top. Would it be possible for me to get a site ranked above these listings if its highly optimized and has good quality backlinks?

    I know i've seen some keyword searches that show the local listings through out the serps and not in a 7 box, and i've seen people rank about those listings, but is it actually possible to outrank the whole 7 box?

    Does anyone have any insight as to what makes google display a 7 box and what makes them mix the places listings into the serps?

    The reason I'm asking is because i'm planning on starting a few niche websites and then basically sell the traffic to a individual practice in that niche.

    So has anyone had success when it comes to pushing the 7 box down?

    Thanks ahead of time

    Here's a example i found in my town that has the 7 box pushed down below 3 .coms "sandpoint furniture" how did they acomplish this? I took a quick look at their onpage SEO and they are not optimized for this keyword. They do mention it but it's not optimized. What pushed them above the 7 box can anyone help figure this out?

    With doing a little bit of digging i've noticed that this page that is ranked above the google 7box has 49 backlinks and quite a few of them are using the anchor text "sandpoint furniture" so is this the factor that is gonna push us above google places?

    So with that theory a highly optimized site with lots of optimized backlinks can beat a google 7 box and push it down the page. Can anyone confirm this with experience?
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