[HELP] Need Traffic Method/Plan Advice

LV John

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May 15, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a traffic method / plan as a starting point that can be expanded/ tweaked / outsourced, etc.

I know there are a lot of great methods already posted on the site (and I have read/used a lot of them), but I am looking for a starting point to build a system or repeatable method.

I already use articles, link wheels, backlinks and more. Some of it is automated, some is hand-done, some outsourced. BUT it is all scattered with no percision or plan. Most of it is tradional WH but I do edge in the middle of gray too.

I am trying to streamline everything to make it simpilier - the goal is to eventually hand it over to someone else to do on a consistent basis. Like a road map.

Some background... my sites cover a very wide range of topics (from gambling to music to automobiles to very very narrow obscure niches (think 30 visitors a day or less!). So you can see my challenge it trying to make system/plan.

What does anyyone recommend?

You input is mucho appreciated and thanks!


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Jul 8, 2009
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The easiest way to start is for instance...

Monday: building linkwheels
Tuesday: submitting articles
Wednesday: blog comments
Thursday: getting one-way links from high PR authority sites

Build working blocks handling the same tasks.