HELP! need to send 1-3 Mill Emails Per Day

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    Hey BHW Crew,

    Love you guys - this forum is a blessing. Being a member since 2008, it's been an abundance of opportunities, and I've met several of my close friends here, who've made lots of "lol monies" together.

    The journey continues, and I'm in need of someone or some people who can help me.

    Here's What I Need Help With:

    I'm looking for a service from someone here on BHW, or if someone knows a reputable service, where I can send anywhere from 1 to 3 million emails per day (all opt-in lists of course).

    I don't need someone to set up servers, point IPs, and all that magical work - I just need someone or a service, that already has a set up that I can use for emailing.

    I'm have TLD data, (quality), and I'm looking for a .70% to a 1.5% open rate.

    :cool: Spambox is perfect.... I just need the emails to get "delivered". :cool:

    I can pay daily, per 1 mill emails, and we can do a test run to see how well your system is, then move forward on bigger volume.

    If anyone knows or if anyone here on BHW can provide me this service, send me a PM, and we can chat further.

    Thank you ALL, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :cheerlead :cheerlead