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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cabbage, Nov 18, 2010.

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    I've just got my hands on Scrapebox and spammed a few hundred backlinks to my domain. Everything seems to be working quite nicely but now I'm finding it hard to harvest blogs which are relevant to my keywords. I've put a load of random words into the keywords field and harvested them for blogs instead - is this the normal procedure?

    I've been reading the thread called Backlink Diagram Tutorial to try to form some sort of backlink strategy. Now I've got Scrapebox and can comment easily, I can feel a sense of pent up comment spamming frenzy and I need something to focus it on. My current site, which is my first ever attempt, is basically a simple review page that has an affiliate link, along with an about me, disclaimer, and policy page. The domain itself was registered 3 and a half years ago but I've only had it for about two months. I've been creating between 40 and 80 backlinks each day for the last couple of days. Can the domain survive more because of its age or will Google judge its age correctly because of the change of content?

    So far, I've been backlink spamming the blogs with my keywords and they are all pointing back to that site. I have a few articles published on Ezinearticles and the likes, and after reading the Backlink Diagram Tutorial I'm not sure if I should be spamming back links that point back to those articles or not. Should I be doing this and if so is there a guideline to the amount of links I should be pointing to my articles? I don't really understand the idea of link juice. I kind of do, when reading the other thread I can understand the linking structure, but I don't really understand why linking in a certain way is better than linking in a different way.