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    This post is going to be lengthy and detailed, but i'll include a TL;DR version at the bottom.


    I've been a member on BHW for a long time, and as most of us i've spent countless hours scanning threads, reading, taking notes, pumping myself up, etc, etc ETC.

    We've all been there, and a lot of us are still there.

    I've tried a few different methods half heartedly over the last couple of years, and have had some small successes, but i've never stuck with anything long enough to really reap the fruits of my labour - like the majority of members here.

    This all ends now.

    I have been working a 9-5 job as a web developer since I finished college about 5 years ago, and after much self reflection, life analysis, and a seemingly infinite amount of hours of contemplation, self doubt, and fear, i'm taking the plunge and putting everything I have into making something of myself, and becoming truly successful.

    I have recently given my two weeks notice at my full time job, and my last day is next Wednesday (exactly one week from the date of this post)

    This effectively places me in a sink or swim position - and will allow me to stay focused and consistently work towards my goals.

    My idea

    I am planning on starting an apparel company, starting with shirts and gym pants, but I am planning on building a community around the company - as apposed to just another nameless clothing company.

    I will be using various methods to build my audience in the beginning: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    I plan on spending the next couple of months purely focusing on building my audience, and I plan to do this by consistently providing high quality content through the channels mentioned above.

    I will be starting a blog where i'll be documenting my own personal challenges and how i'll be overcoming the daily struggles and obstacles that one faces throughout the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

    I will not be using automated tools to gain followers, like posts, etc (at least not right off the bat), but I will be using a scheduling tool for bulk adding instagram posts, tweets, facebook posts etc.

    I've got a little bit of help, as my girlfriend is a fairly big YouTuber, and will be able to put my company in front of a decent amount of people on a semi-regular basis.

    What I am hoping from BHW members

    What i'm hoping from the members here, is for any input, feedback, suggestions, even positive reenforcement to help me build the mental momentum that will allow me to push through the downs that any entrepreneur is going to go through.

    Any feedback is welcome, positive and negative (as long as it's constructive).

    At this point in time, I will aim to do one main update to the thread per week, and a few times per week go through any reply's and answer any questions or comments.

    What will make this journey epic?

    I'm tired of living a mediocre life, i'm tired of making an average wage, i'm tired of being average.

    With the support of BHW, I want to take this Journey and provide as much insight as I can along the way to becoming wealthy.

    I know I can do it, and I also know anyone on this forum has the ability to make whatever they want of their own lives - so let's prove it.

    - Jay


    - I recently quit my full time job to pursue entrepreneurship
    - I will be building a loyal following, and creating an apparel company based on that
    - I will be sharing everything along the way
    - I am looking for members on BHW to provide any possible feedback they can, positive or negative
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    Good Luck !!!