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    I am working on getting my local seo company going. I live in a small market, around 33K population, with very small internet search results. I was looking for results from ads in a newspaper but most didn't even have result because of the low search volume like chiropractor and even realtor. I managed to find some but I thought of a cool way to check for search terms for my area.

    I simply typed in my - in "my city's name and state"

    Wahla! I selected to Only show ideas closely related to my search terms and than selected 100 results and got 100 local categories to go after.

    Hope my 2 cents helps with some of you in small markets.

    Will send out 10 packets next week and will update here any findings.

    BONUS: If your a new company like me, search for pages on the 2nd page of results that are optimized for that keyword and have good content as well as an aged domain. I was able to get one company's page moved from number 14 to 4 in just a week with a few free backlinks and now I have my first testimony! :D
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    I Can Help you !

    PM me :rolleyes: