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    Hi guys,
    im just trying (on an example domain) to get my facebook like script to work.
    It works but there is one tiny error that just isnt working.
    Its probably something so simple that i can't spot but perhaps you can see it.

    So basically you write a like and click submit, everything works well you can like it etc...and as many people can like it, it appears in the news feed BUT it isnt displaying the whole sentence that you input. Whereas other like websites allow you to have up to 300 characters, mine prints about 40 characters!

    Here is an example below:

    Any ideas on how this might be resolved, please either post the solution for everyone or PM me, any help is much appreciated-
    i know its going to be something simple, but it just annoys me when simple doesn't always come out to be just that!

    If you do go to the site that has the example - i am adding more features to it as we speak. Making it anti spam, youtube video posting enabled and such like. As you know a same old like website isn't going to stand out from the rest so im going to be adding alot more to the script as i think of it!!


    Also hello again BHW, ive been away a few months and im back in the saddle, nice to see so many faces still around and alot of new faces.
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