Help - I need a boost and a decision for my own journey

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    Hi everyone, Im 25 spaniard marketer and I pass much time on this forum that is full of valuable information. I work in a advertising agency but it's a very stressful job and i don't earn enough money to be happy (13-15k annually….It's a shit, I know)

    I open this thread because I think that I can make these numbers on my own, but I need some help. I put you in situation: my education is a mix of cultural studies and marketing knowledge, and I use this blend to find consumer insights, cultural trends, profiling persons, build brands and generate innovation. My job profile is high rated by advertising agencies (known as Account planner, you can google it) but I want to be free and work to myself.

    So, I think in 3 possible lines to work:

    A ) Work as marketing/branding consultant

    This requires lead's confidence. I defend Inbound Marketing in my agency, but this is not easy in my situation (just part-time to work in my business) because it means high quality content (that means a lot of work).

    I read a lot of how to build your personal branding and its basically a blogging journey, spread by Social Media and make contacts.

    B) Work as Internet Marketer "locally"

    Like I said, my job profile is too strange to local business, however, I have aptitudes to SEO/SEM, Analytics, Web design, SM projects… I think that with this skills I can start with this basic needs for a business and with cross selling make better jobs for my profile.

    C) Business don't related

    I always have the dream to build my own business. I consider entrepeneur myself, and I love to read about trends, business models and innovation. For this, another option for me is build on a new business model idea and use my IM skills to growth them.

    I'm submersed in a sea of doubts, "Do as I say and not as I do."
    What do you think BHW? I promise that I will write on this post my progress if I make a decission