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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by HillTopMayhem, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Ok, I'm a beginner when it comes to IM and I honestly am not sure what I am doing.

    I thought it would be ok to just buy a bunch of backlinks and facebook likes and I would be made, turns out that was not the case. (Obviously).

    What I don't understand is a good way to increase the rank of my site in google. People mention 'money pages' and 'pr[1-8] blogs' all the time but its about as understandable as a foreign language to me. I could google it or get the guys who know exactly what to say to help me out.

    Couple questions:
    Whats the best type of backlinks? And/or Articles?
    Should I worry about blackhat to much?
    Whats the best whitehat method? (Want the site to last)
    How does it all really work?

    Thanks to anyone who can help out! I'll pay you back some day!
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    I believe the best type of backlinks are highly relevant ones. For example: It's better to get a backlink from a site about dogs if your niche has anything to do with dogs. It looks less spammy that way.

    When people talk about high pr sites they are talking about the authority of the site. A pr 8 backlink is more "beefy" than a pr 1 backlink. Also, look up and understand Moz da/pa. That is domain authority and page authority. It's the same concept as pr, the higher the number the better. More people are taking da/pa into consideration over pr these days. You can visit moz.com and see the da/pa of any site. I think that it's best to diversify your backlinks with high and low da/pa or high/low pr sites.

    Making your backlink profile seem natural seems to work the best if you're looking for longevity. It wouldn't seem natural to have a trillion links coming in at the same time. Start slowly, keep momentum and slowly start increasing your backlinks. You don't want the big G to get suspicious and penalize your site.

    Everything will come together for you if you keep reading this site and do research on seo. There's a lot of good seo videos on YouTube too. Read around on moz too. 90% of the people on here are self taught, so you will get it in time. Oh yeah, truly whitehat is doing nothing but most people consider it as manual link building. You don't use any automation or buy links with whitehat. Blackhat is pretty much the opposite. Good luck and keep learning.

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    Couple Answers:
    -don't expect people to come here and spoon feed you answers / methods / etc... you SHOULD google it, or at the very least search the information available on this forum.

    -Any method or strategy to rank pages by building backlinks is pretty much inherently 'blackhat' because it is artificial. True whitehat would be building quality sites with high quality content and waiting for peopel to recognize the QUALITY of the content and naturally backlink /share/ etc.... (emphasis on quality)

    -No one can or will tell you "how it all works" in a post

    Just stay motivated, positive, and keep working hard and the haze will slowly clear
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    Backlinks form high pr is the best.
    Pyramid is the best whitehat.
    Its works!
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    As some one who is also and always learning!! I would suggest that you have a good luck around BHW and you will become familier with the different terms and what they mean.there is some incredible information on this site but like lots of things on life it will take time to learn and digest...Rome wasn't built in a day ..etc.....
    if you really want to get your site to rank higher re links the best way is to have a strategy re:plan of what you need and how to get it.
    google what you want to do and pick out the good sites and then read up on it.
    even though I am advising this I am not saying that I have done this but still in the process LOL !
    Best of Luck!
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    Go to Google and look up "seo tutorial". Don't bother with blackhat if you don't know how to whitehat. There are too many things you need to know first and you'll probably just screw up
    (happens to lots of people)
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    Increasing the rank of your page is not easy . It's a steady and slow work which requires a lot of patience and effort. You need do some research before you enter into the war of IM. Try SEO tutorial by Aaron. Its a good read . You will learn the basics of IM. Learn white hat and grey hat techniques before jumping into the pool of black hat because its muddy and risky.
    Every one has different views about Black Hat SEO. Every one is correct in their own perspective. But I would say experimenting with these techniques is not a bad idea if benefits outweigh the risk.People definitely use black hat techniques for personal sites but for your clients you should be much more carefull.