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    Hey Blackhatters,

    I'm launching a door hanger marketing campaign of 100,000 targeted homes for my business I am offering an annual weekly service package in it in which the client pays a monthly fee. Here's the thing. To market to the number of homes in this magnitude of 100,000, I am hiring distributors who will distribute to the homes on my behalf and I will pay them by COMMISSION for every sale that each door hanger that they distribute makes. This is MUCH cheaper then hiring a distributing company for the number of homes I am targeting.

    I am WONDERING how I can make my company as transparent as possible to my distributors to insure that i am not some type of scammer who will hide the sales that their door hangers make in order to gain more profit for myself? I already have 25 people for the job and i am making them sign a legal free lance contract that is going to be in the works in a few days.

    What can I put on this contract and what other ways can I provide EVIDENCE such as some type of live feed for them that will be proof that they make a sale from the suburbs they distribute to? The ENTIRE process of the client who signs up will be that they go to the site, fill in the quote form, and then I send them a quote by email and they pay. How can I structure this in a way that the distributors will know for sure that they get the sales? Please no talking about the system I am using (Commission for distributing). Just an answer on how I can provide proof and evidence to make my company as trustworthy and transparent as possible for the distributor?


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    Why dark gray on black?
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    You can fix it by changing the text colour to white.
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