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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by 1stargeneral, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Hello every one. I have learnt so much on this forum and now I want to earn a living from from developing facebook apps especially the ones that require everyday use.

    But the problem I have right now is that SSL thing facebook has in place and how to set that up. For a while now I have been using paid domain from namecheap and a free webhosting. When I got to this point I realized that i will be needing an SSL hosting package.
    How do I go by this?

    Most SSL Packages are very expensive so I have decided to stick with Namecheap SSL hosting.

    Although I have not ordered for it, will I need any further setup make the SSL function active since I am buying the host from the same company that issued me with the domain name?

    Be expecting your response
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    For using SSL on your site, you only need two things:
    1) A dedicated IP*
    2) An SSL cert. **

    Most hosts will have a shared plan that gives you a dedicated IP, but they can cost between $10 and $25/month. Once you got both you can go into cPanel and upload the certificate info.

    * There are ways to use an SSL cert without a dedicated IP, but its long, complicated and impractical on shared hosting
    ** The difference between a $50 cert and a $250 is $200. That's it. Get a cert from and you'll have a cert that is essentially from Verisign.