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    May 18, 2012
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    This is my first post but i have this iissue for some days and help will be appriciated.
    i addefd this code in >> myforum.com/forum/external.php
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> 
     <!DOCTYPE rss (View Source for full doctype...)> 
     <rss version="0.91">
     <title>Triad Boiler Forums</title> 
     <description>This is a discussion forum for mySite. To find out about mySite Forums, go to http://www.mysite.com/forum/external.php?type=RSS2</description> 
    and change options from external data provider its showing rss tab on forum bar but when i open the link it shows blank page
    any one have any idea
    i didnt add or do any thing else so tell me if i should have to make another file or add more code in new file??

    When i try to add rss feed in admincp from
    On clicking preview i got this but can save it :
    after save when i try to run rss schedulwd task I got this error :
    and when i open rss feed link from forum home page i got blank page :
    and runn rss post boot got this
    but when i use other forum rss feed link it works fine and import posts on my forum
    any idea how my forum rss will work?