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Feb 3, 2018
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Hi all,

I have an interview soon with Google about role-related knowledge and have a few sample questions that I find hard to answer - I would appreciate some input on these.

Q1) Imagine that you work for Google, how would you motivate your customer to commit to a joint business plan focussed on growth calls versus efficiency calls?

Q2) Imagine that they are not only using Google ads but also Facebook and Crito – How would you push Google ads?

Q3) Imagine that you are working for Google one of the customers in your portfolio spends 50K in one month only. But you know their annual marketing budget is 1M a month.

- What steps would you take with them to invest more with Google?

- Who would you negotiate it with?

- How would you ensure that the pan is ambitious enough?

Q4) Imagine you are taken away from a project you are working on for months, how would you deal with this?

Many thanks!
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