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[Help] Getting started with blogging (Mini Rant)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by zanekills1, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. zanekills1

    zanekills1 Registered Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    I would like to get started with blogging (MNS or Authority, whatever works)
    I'm not asking to be spoon-fed or have threats being posted left and right, many of the threats are outdated or conflicting.
    I would like someone to be able to Skype and walk me though the process "semi-completely"

    I am not a noob in the internet world, marketing in general, or blogging - I just need a working idea and a blueprint or a plan to follow - and logical explanations (how it works, why it works - once it's understood, it could be scaled).

    I don't wish to be that guy anymore with $0 from IM, and neither does most of the "noobs" on the forum. My ideal goal is to share the knowledge I collected to make a "master thread" or "Free WSO" (I REFUSE to monetize knowledge and information that I receive from others) to help everyone get started.
    I'm sick of the "JUST DO IT" mentality on the forum here that many members tell the new people. Yes, Action is EVERYTHING, I agree. Do it? Do What?! Maybe I'm researching on the threads wrong, maybe I'm at fault, and I feel like Columbus without a compass or a north star. Of course there are many methods that tell you WHAT to do, where is the HOW? " Build a blog, post ads/promos, build a list, get traffic, and BANK!!!" Yes, it's simple to know what, it takes genius to know HOW. And that's what my goal is, to learn the HOWs and to share it publicly so everyone could get their piece of the cake.

    Thanks for reading my thread and I'd appreciate feedback.