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    Jun 12, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    I'm pretty new to black hat world so I still have a lot to learn about the forum. I know this section is about membership sites, getting members keeping them updated and so on.

    Well basically my website is a URL shortening service focusing in features, design, simplicity and effectiveness.
    Right now the website handles one domain but I will be investing to add 10 more very short domains with max 2 letters (example: aw.tk and so on).

    I run this website just for fun. I don't care about monetization. Right now I care about getting more members. The service is free and anyone can use it anonymously without registering. People can register if they need to get statistics, bookmark websites, create a splash page, use our API and so on.

    So here is my question for the forum:
    What should I do to boost members? Should I start investing In SEO, indexing and so on, or should I launch myself into advertising the service through adwords, Facebook ads, or whatever other advertising channels?