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    Hello Everyone,
    Firstly I wanted to say to the mods if this post is not allowed please delete the thread.

    I am making a forum along with my friend for new people coming to IM. As I was a new person to IM I understand how overwhelming things can be. We will be outlining many different ways/techniques to make money online. We will include tutorials which will be very in depth. This will be totally free for anyone interested. We will also have a section for the people who have some skills to be able to JV with other members with a different set of skills. This will allow the new people some security in working new techniques. We will also have a services section for people to sell services through the site. Our main focus will be providing tutorials for the new comers to IM. Once we grow larger we will try to get some IM gurus to come and do some posts or some interviews.

    If you are new to the scene please pm me and this way I can get a good feel for how many people are interested for this. This way we can guide you better. Please also send me your email this way when we are open next week we can send you an email. Also write in this forum that you are interested.

    I hope a post like this is allowed.
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    @OP - Nice of you to ask if your post is allowed or not, and suggest the mods delete it if it isn't. Maybe it would save even more time if you just read the Forum Rules before making posts.

    Here's a quote from the rules to help you out. I highlighted the part you should read regarding this thread.