Help first time self hosting person to start WordPress.

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    I have two blogs and each of these blog page preview 4000-5000 level 1500-3000 unique visitors and theses statistics increasing (not a rapid speed). Now I use blogger platform. Theses two blogs publish smartphone related posts. There's 20-30% of mobile traffic.

    These days I'm looking to move WordPress for improve the site quality and earnings. Specially AdSense optimized mobile site. Because of blogger has mobile site but its not AdSense optimized mobile site. (I need to use under the post title and end of the post AdSense units on mobile version site)

    My questions are,

    1). Can I limit all those WordPress sites maintain expense under $150?(annual expense) (without buying templates, plugins, etc extra expense.)

    2). How much is it, if I need to use own/unique template?

    3). Should I pay extra money to use mobile template?

    4). How do I improve my sites security against hacking?

    5). I saw that some of WordPress hosted sites shows "this account temporary disable warning" when we are visiting to that sites. Why is that? Is it high bandwidth usage? If so how do I keep alive my sites under that type/kind of circumstance?

    6). I don't have any knowledge about web designing, hosting, HTML, etc stuff (my knowledge nil). So WordPress will be difficult for me?

    7). I'm going to use blue host. Is it reliable and good company?

    8). How do I use WordPress plugin more securely? I read some plugin can hack sites and take complete control and spread malware.

    9). Should I pay to use mobile site?

    10). I read somewhere, if one healthy site hosted with the bad sites containing hosting server, Google ban that healthy site. For instance if I host my blog with the pornography, drugs/pharmaceutical selling, hacking, scam sites, it will negatively affect my site seo. Is it correct? If so how do I select secure host? I mean how do I select related niche hosted secure hosting server? Bluehost satisfy that requirements?

    Any help appreciate.

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    I'll try and give you some answers to your questions,

    1. The cost of maintaining your site will be proportional to how much programming knowledge you have as well as what hosting options you choose. If you need a lot of help with programming and configuring the site, your costs will be higher than 150 pre year. Hosting should not cost you this much but if you start using a lot of bandwidth, you will have to bump up your package.
    2. Costs of templates can vary. Some can cost around 20 dollars and others close to 100.
    3. Some templates are responsive so you don't really need to search for a separate mobile version.
    4. There are a variety of Wordpress security plugins on the market.
    5. The "temporarily disabled" warning could be because of hosting and bandwidth issues but its hard to tell. Typically a good host will tell you what you need to get to avoid this.
    6. Not having knowledge of programming will not stop you however it makes things a lot easier. The entire process will cost you a lot more if you need to pay someone to help you program.
    7. I would stay away from Blue Host. I have not used them personally but I have not heard good things about them. Try host gator or GoDaddy. These providers also have some simple applications for easily installing a self hosted WP site.
    8. As long as you are using reputable plugins that have been updated, you should be alright. Read reviews and research plugins before installing and you should be fine.
    9. Not sure what you mean here.
    10. There are a lot of mainstream reputable hosting companies. Research them online and make sure they have a viable business. Read reviews or get recommendations from people that have used them before. Yes if you are associated with another website that is doing things that are shady you will get penalized as well but just because they are using the same host as you does not mean your site will get penalized.
    Hope those answer your questions,


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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    I have used Bluehost for 5 years without any problems, and always get excellent support. I use hostgator as well.
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    Used Hostgator in the past, was happy until they didn't pay my affiliate earning. I moved on shortly after hearing they sold the company to EIG.
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    I'm not sure if I'd go with godaddy. People are always hearing stories about them doing something shady.

    -best regards
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    I don't recommend godaddy.