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    Ok. I am go to start to build building sites [micro niche sites > niche sites > authority sites].
    I know how to or should i say i know what to do for offsite seo thanks to searching bhw guides.
    I was going outsource mns and the content writing but can't get a hold get a hold of seller.
    Also i figure i can easily set up the sites and create the quality content and...
    i have to take care of getting domain and hosting even if i outsource mns.
    Where im getting stuck at is the most important factor of building the site which is keyword research.
    I know how to do keyword research using google keyword tool.
    I am able to see estimate for adword competition, global/local searches, and cpc for keywords.
    But i need to know how to search for level of competition for keyword
    I can do the first half of keyword research but how do i do the other half...
    to ensure that i have good keywords to build sites from.
    How do i find keywords with low competition and mid/high adword competition w/o using a paid software/service.
    method? free software? tips/advice? any useful appreciated...
    can someone point me in the right direction.
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    I know a Software that can really help you solve your problem. This software is called Market Samurai. It is an All-in-One SEO/Keyword Research Software. Why not try their TRIAL VERSION? Plus, they also have videos teaching you how to do keyword research the right way.