Help figuring out what happend to my niche site

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    Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this, let me explain what happened

    I have a micro niche site

    I've been on #1 on first page for exact match of my site for 5 months now

    the keyword is a two word key word like this word1word2

    strange thing happened today.

    My site is first for word1 but not for word1word2

    Also if I do a search on google like site:mydomain

    it will show all indexed pages of my site but not the main page, that means
    the site dot com on its own not a particular page.

    Please help me understand this.

    Thank you
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    Just sit down and wait for a week. Google is "dancing" a lot these days.

    If the problem persists, checkout webmaster tools for any penalty or something like that.
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