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Help Figuring out BHW

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FORSAK3N, Jul 19, 2017.

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    FORSAK3N Junior Member

    Jun 18, 2017
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    Los Angeles
    So like probably 20% of the users here I got a ban ... I am trying to operate with in the guild lines here but my concern is someone reported me from a post I searched for then messaged them for a service they where selling which in every other forum I have been on in my life is what you do ...

    So my question is how can I message freely and if I want a service the best place to post it is hire a freelancer?

    I have read all of the rules and it is a bit vague how I should move forward ...

    Marketplace post seems the best option for not getting in trouble, yet I do not want to maintain a marketplace post for what I need and monitor and update that thread every 72 hours or whatever the requirement is plus paying 30 bucks is pretty crazy (I get all the reasons they do that just does not apply to my little need).

    Hire a freelancer is the natural fit for my need and seems to be the best just do not want to get banned again ... I am looking to exchange or even pay for (from the right provider) Yelp reviews which there are not a lot of posts on but lots of people come out of the shadows to offer (hope just giving you the context of my need does not get me banned).

    I put my want to exchange yelp reviews in the general forum and was told by a mod that an exchange is still a purchase in the eyes of BHW and got 3 pts off my account (never heard of an exchange being a purchase but ok). The mods seem to have a lot of different opinions.

    So to post in hire a freelancer I need to post 100 times on this forum and pay for an upgrade to Jr VIP is that correct?

    I have asked three moderators and the fellow the emailed me about my ban and seriously NONE of them could give me a straight answer two did not even answer me ... pretty nuts should be very easy question to answer. I have also asked other members been on here for years and no one could really give me a straight answer.

    Please do not send me to some vague link that sort of answers the question I have read them all ....
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
Thread Status:
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