[Help] Entertainment Viral Campaign


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Dec 20, 2009
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BH members,

I am working with a client who is a music artist. They are looking to do an online assault, and we need to hit a few benchmarks in order to secure a few events. While most campaigns are oriented around cpa offers, affiliate campaign this is really one based around creating buzz, that opens up other $$$ opportunities.

I basically am looking for solutions, vendors on knocking down the following grocery list:

- Getting about 30-50 images of the artist syndicated all around the web, with keyword tags associated to it. Anyone know any photo stream services outside of picassa, and flickr?

- I need about 1,000 blog post with an image or video attached to it. These can be un targeted, with about 100 targeted.

- YouTube - I have about 20 videos of the artist. On the bands main chanel I would love to just have views (1M plus), and about 1,000 comments, a few thousand subscribers.

However more important is I want to spread these online videos into many youtube accounts so multiple users have videos, or fan remixes of their music all over the web.

- Twitter we need about 100,000 followers

- Facebook fan page - need about 50,000 fans

Big project ....
They need to give away about 250,000 downloads of their .mp3, and create a report that we could give away that many downloads.

My client gave me a budget so looking to contract most of this out.

Any ideas ? I'm open to suggestions