Help EMAIL autoreponder with no unsubscribe link needed ?

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    Hi All

    I am looking for web based email auto responder system
    My problem is all the normal service that do this (aweber,icontact etc )offer a unsubscribe link to the bottom of the email. Often a client will unsubscribe even when my service is highly relevant to them just because they got the email when they are stressed out due to issues at their end.

    What I need is an email that looks like an average email sent to a business client contact
    I need a sequence of 12 emails (I will be writing the text for this )
    Sent at monthly intervals

    I am targeting a hand built list of 5000 client contacts. All of whom were originally contacted by phone and gave me their email address. All will need my service at some point in the next 12 to 18 month.
    I need a 12 month email campaign to keep my name in their mind when the timing is right
    I am currently doing this by hand which is messy and inefficient

    Any ideas appreciated

    BTW - if this is the wrong section please let me know