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Feb 10, 2013
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Hello everyone! I have some questions about some ideas. So:

I own a copy of Scrapebox (very good tool by the way) and I wanted to scrape some .edu and .gov backlinks. I searched with some footprint:

For .EDU sites:

site:.edu ?powered by wordpress? %KW%
site:.edu ?Powered by BlogEngine? %KW%
site:.edu ?Powered by Blogsmith? %KW%

For .GOV sites:

site:.gov ?powered by wordpress? %KW%
site:.gov ?Powered by BlogEngine? %KW%
site:.gov ?Powered by Blogsmith? %KW%

Well, after all this, I had result zero! I went to Fiverr to see as an idea, something similar and I found a guy who's creating 50 .gov and .edu links for specific websites. Because I'm still a noob, I send him a message asking him if he can explain me more about his gig and if I was supposed to send him my comment (to insert it) or no.
He send me this: "There's no content actually. Generic blog comments where I'm only using your keywords as an anchor text and your targeted URL. That's all I need pretty much."

Well, now I have a perfect BLURRY image, because I don't know what he said :) Maybe I will be criticized but I hope that I will receive some helpful ideas and examples. Thank you very much and excuse my english, it's not my native language.
Thank you very much. Can you tell me, is there a way to "check" what I just did?
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