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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by shadysays, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Hi I have a few IM products with moderate success. I am now venturing into non IM niches and Im wondering if successful vendors could share any tips, strategies or methods for choosing a market or niche to enter to build a successful product around.

    I have had a look on CB engine to see whats selling and biggest ones seem to be in the health niche. I have no problem getting hold of high quality PLR and rewriting or combining it with my own research but Im worried about the possibilty if giving out false information as I am not a health professional. Should I be concerned about that.

    Also in the back of mind Im thinking dating or how to get laid etc for a product.

    How do you choose a market and ensure its full of rabid buyers

    Any thoughts suggestions welcomed.
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    Aug 23, 2010
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    havnt used clickbank before but have used similar affiliates. i would chose my products based on what works best. you really dont have to worry about giving out false information because you are writing an article on YOUR OPINION of that article and how it worked for you. for me, i really dont care what the product is, as long as i can write persuasively and confidentially that it worked, and it doesnt sound like im from india with a gun to my head being forced to write like an american its good to go.
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    I recommend doing the research first then choosing the product. Use google trends or yahoo and find some hot topics. I've also used CB in the past with success.

    You just have to find a hot niche and stick with it. I've also used Market Samurai and MicroNiche Finder. Good luck.
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    I'm in the how to get a girl niche and it's pretty competitive.
    I'm doing all I can and investing lot's of money to have the best site in this niche, so even I'm competing like crazy.

    The real money is in smaller niches that doesn't have so much competition yet.
    Maybe something like "how to propose to a girl" could work better for you.

    Find a smaller niche and dominate it, otherwise you'll be aiming too high do to all the competition and you'll end up being nothing but a small ant.

    It's easier to have a smaller niche for yourself.
    Or why not profit from some social media sites, a product like "how to get a girl on facebook".

    Just look at the google keyword research tool and find niches with almost no competition and go for it.
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    @ OP:

    I would stick with 'Evergreen' markets like Health, Beauty, Fitness, Self-Help, etc.

    People spend good money in these markets. And those markets will be there for many years to come. That means you can build long-term businesses around them.

    Choosing these markets means also that you don't necessarily have to create your own products because you'll find many attractive affiliate products. You can make GOOD money being an affiliate in these markets.
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    Yes, EVERGREEN products never fades.

    I use them too!