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    Jul 4, 2011
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    Looking for some help here please. I currently have 3 sites all in the same niche targeting the same keywords in each city. eg. red widgets paris, red widgets london, blue widgets paris, red widgets london etc
    the emds are available for and for 12 widgets in total. As I am not trying to sell adsense and only want the linkjuice and traffic from the emds to flow to my local business sites what do you suggest I do. The local business sites I want to keep relatively whitehat as there are established businesses behind them that I can't risk being sandboxed but I am able to take more risk with the widget emds that would point to them. My thought was to buy up all the emds and link them as,,, etc
    My question then is what is the best way to host the 12 domains so I don't leave a massive footprint and is cost effective? Also is there someway I can manage a network of wordpress sites like this easily?
    Thanks in advance