[Help] Best method to use for the 'Subscribe' bar for a coming soon site ???

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    Hey guy, I'm launching a 'coming soon' one page site for a friend. It's for a product launch and say's coming soon with social media icons. (Basic 'coming soon' site)

    So when people enter their emails to the subscribe bar on the site and click 'subscribe', what's the best service to use to get the most of it?

    Should I just direct there email addresses to my database and blast an email once we have an update of the product, or what's the best method for this? (Eg: like to send them an auto message saying 'thanks for signing-up, we will keep you updated, etc. after they enter their address and hit 'subscribe')

    Any good tips from anyone would be appreciated as well!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Hey there. I know other IM'ers have done the pre-date updates. In other words, constant regular notifications of the upcoming launch to help build greater awareness and anticipation amongst potential buyers. I think any time that you can remind them that the launch will be happening at some point in the future is a good thing, so I would suggest doing that every chance you can.
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    Depending on how far away the launch is, I'd send a reminder once a week until the week of the launch and then switch to daily, and use the daily emails to tease content that will be on the site once it goes live. One thing you could do, depending on what you plan to use the site for, is have clues or codes in each teaser email and, when all of the info in those is combined, the subscriber gets something for free. Nothing gets attention like free stuff.
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