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    The bigger my op gets the bigger this becomes a pain in the ass and now I'm signing up a couple of uber-huge clients thankfully and it's become imperative that I find a way to efficiently automate this for mass production ASAP.

    I have large chunks of mixed unique text. I want to split that huge chunk of text into smaller articles of 500 -1k or so words with the pipe | symbol so that I can surround it with spin brackets on each end and load that up into nuke or whatever program,giving me a different seed article posting to each site vs just a spun version of the same seed article (unique link push style). I'm doing it by hand atm which you can imagine isn't working for mass production.

    The second part of that issue is that I also need something that will insert whatever link code I need in between each of the pipes somewhere.

    Many thanks for any help with this.