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Help Appreciated For Self Help Medical Site Setup

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by worldbh, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. worldbh

    worldbh Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2012
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    Self Help Website Designer
    I have just purchased 3 different iPage sites setups on the recommendations of other BH members.

    My sites are about patient views regarding the health issues they face. I am disabled and have been to enough doctors to build my own hospital and start my own drug store. My problems are the same as thousands of other people. DOCTOR ONE says take this drug and do this and I will see you in 3 weeks ? DOCTOR TWO says take this drug and do this and see me in 4 weeks

    I want to be able to let people to share their ideas, experiences and solutions that help them with their medical problems and issues.

    I am not a fan of drugs but, I will take those medications that help me. It seems like the doctors do not check the medications they want you to take with the other medications you might be taking.

    The last time I did what the Doctor said I ended up in the hospital at a cost of $13,500 because I took blood pressure medication with pain medication, together. I literally thought I was going to die because I could not breathe. My story is not unique, thousands of other people have similar stories and these people are the ones I am trying to help with shared knowledge and shared solutions.

    I am not new to computer technology but I am an amateur when it comes to the best website setup for self-help and money sites. I have read advice to never point directly at your money site ? if that is true - How do you get people to come to your money site and spend their money?

    Secondly ? do I setup WP in the primary public directory or a subdirectory?

    Thirdly ? what shopping cart works best with iPage for both purchases of medical services and medical devices and where should I set it up?

    Anyone who has knowledge to share from experience is greatly appreciated , Thanks