[Help] Any ideas for classifieds ads site?

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    Nov 14, 2014
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    Hi guys! I got a premium .online domain some months ago (I know sedo is retarded, but sedo values my domain in 8000 ? :eek:), and I made a classifieds ads site with osclass. The idea is people will contact other people and buy the stuff they posted on my site. At the moment I have almost nothing because I had no time.

    I hope you can read my terrible english, and this thread isn't too much for you. Thanks in advance.

    I downloaded a responsive theme and edited it with my logo, favicon, metas, etc. Some users posted ads, and I made some ads myself. At the moment I only have 10 ads, and like 20 uniques/day.

    I think my first objetive is content, so people can be interested in my site. If there is nothing to buy, nobody will like my site and sellers won't trust my site. I think 2000 articles would be a good start, so I have all categories and places covered with enough ads.

    How could I get this content? Anyone can post ads in my site, but since my website is shitty at the moment, nobody will.

    Some ideas I got:
    • Copying other classified ads web content so I can get content. I would make a script for this. (Must I spin the content? Direct copypasta?)
    • Incentive people so they post ads (but how?)
    • Developing an app and post it at play store that allows to post directly to my site and check ads. This would bring more traffic.
    • Making a blog in the adress blog.domainname.online, so I can get some traffic.
    Thanks for reading. Great forum!