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    Hi All,

    Need help on deciding the plan and provider for my website needs. Below are the points after reading the form.

    1) I design websites for my friends and family
    2) I use WordPress as CMS to avoid coding and apply themes to make static websites.
    3) Max size the website has grown till now is 500 MB and average 150 MB
    4) I am looking for hosting space for 15 websites
    5) These are all business or personal websites and targeting specific users.
    6) not much of data interaction apart from contact form to be filled/
    7) Need around 2-10 email account per domain
    8) All websites need to be optimized for SEO purpose to target niche customers
    9) I am not a programmer and dont know much about hardware management so thought of buying reseller account.
    10) I dont need billing software or separate CPanel accounts as i will manage them myself.
    11) Budget is around 60$ to 100$ annually as i am doing this to help my friends and as my hobby and not charging them anything.
    12) After reading forum will prefer LiteSpeed servers
    13) Dedicated IP will be good as it would help SEO for the package not for every website.
    14) Not looking at overselling facility as dont want to effect SEO
    15) Not looking at hosting porn,warez or forum sites.

    I was about to sign up with MDDhosting after reading the forum but stopped due to addon domain feature. i came to know it has SEO effects if you use addon domain and needs htaccess edit to make it work. i want to host my domains on root folder separately and they are not space consuming as most of them are static.

    I request you all to help me choose the provider and i also looked into semoweb silver and alpha reseller package.

    Thanks in anticipation.