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[HELP]Advice needed for a real SEO job

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Sv1z3c, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Sv1z3c

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    Nov 3, 2013
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    There is a similar thread to this one but mine is a little bit different.

    I'm in a big dilemma considering taking a "real" 9-5 SEO job at a digital advertising agency here in Croatia. I've got a degree, three years at college and I've been in SEO for about 3 years, working as a freelancer and some of mine side projects. The problem I was facing with freelancing is that, the money I earn isn't really constant. I can earn 2k$ for two months and then third one I can earn 100$. Depends on the clients etc. ofc and I still kinda don't know what would the prices for SEO be.

    So, out of pure fun I signed up for the job just to see how much they now and do they even know about Off-Page, ofc they don't know much and they mostly just do On-Page and use analytics for it. I've passed 4 test and I had a final conversation and I passed it too, but the problem is: They is really low, around 600-700$ per month, in Croatia it's kinda average :/. They didn't like that much that I don't know how to set up "goals" in Google Analytics, but I know how to set it up and monitor it and make reports etc. I just don't know how to set up those goals, which is probably easy to learn. That's why they downgraded my position to junior seo expert. I understand everyone has to start at the bottom but I have proof of rankings of my clients and I've managed a team of my own 5 people etc etc.

    Also, I wanna make my own agency also, but I need to learn a lot about taxes and that business cycle. I know how to get clients, but I'm not sure if I would know right away how to run a business.

    Another big minus isssss, if I quit that job, by their contract I cannot get a job at that position for a half year and it is not paid! Which sucks big time :/

    Pros of regular job:
    -steady paycheck
    -I don't know how it's called in english but: working years or length of service
    -learn how they do SEO
    -junior position, which means if I fuck up something I can blame it to my mentor(dick moves XD)

    -low payment
    -9-5 job
    -cannot get a similar job for 6 months and it's not paid
    -have to decide what will I lose, my training or my freelancing job, I won't have time for my dog,training,freelancing and my gf
    -hour,hour and half to get to the job, if I buy a motorbike then half an hour

    Pros of freelancing:
    -I can work as much as I want
    -I still have health insurance
    -I can make my own sites rank them, work with clients etc.
    -Create my own company when I save enough monehz
    -Have enough time for my dog,training,job,friends and girlfriend

    -no steady paychecks, I get paid but I'm not 100% sure how long will the client stay
    -I don't have a pension fund and I don't have that length of service
    -I don't always work as much as I could, but I'm fixing that part each day by making schedules and task which I MUST do every day

    So, what are you advises, fellow black haters?

    Thank You all for your time :D