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Jul 13, 2009
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I just saw the photo/image submitting on AC, and I'm interested in it, I mean how it works.

My friend can draw awesome cartoon figures, but I need some details, on what depends the earning etc.

If someone can help me, please post here, I will really appreciate that.

Sorry for my bad grammar, I hope that you understand me.
As far as I know, images are only paid via performance bonus. Until your clout increases, you'll make $1.50 per thousand views.
Yes, and, as far as I know, they're looking more for a newsy types of fotos: events, parades, that sort of stuff.
So, if I understood correct, first they must "rate" my image, and after that I get $1.5 / 1k views ? :)
Exactly, they can also be really picky about what they will and won't accept which makes it a bit of a PITA considering it's perf. only. When I tested it, it was a lot easier said than done to get enough clickthroughs of the pics to make it worthwhile.
I use the picture slide shows to get an immediate boost in my pvs but overall they perform really badly. You'll see an immediate interest from your fans. Then after that, nothing. Whatever I get the first 3 days of them being posted is usually all I can expect from each slide show. I have articles from 6 months ago getting commented on but never my pictures or videos.
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