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HELP! about pinterest

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by warnerbross, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. warnerbross

    warnerbross Newbie

    Dec 4, 2014
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    Hello guys, i have strange and big problem with pinterest. Ive tried to gain followers by following others with my accounts but i dont see any results. Im not a noob, i was working with pinterest this summer (created 3-4 accs and was added to some group boards). And everything was fine: traffic, money.

    A few months ago i have desided to make 100+ accounts and work with them. And what ive done:

    Create 10 accs with private proxies. (1 acc = 1 proxy) Added pins, likes etc. As always. Turn on Pin Plaster.

    And.. Nothing: from 200 followings i got 10 followers and they are bots (just another spammy accs).

    Okey. I have choose another proxies from another site. Nothing. The same problem.

    Okey. Another proxies for 5 dollars. NOTHING.

    Okey. I stoped using proxies and created my own acc. I have really good and clean ips (my provider chanding them every day). NOTHING.

    Okey. I bought some accounts. Ive tried to create them. NOTHING.

    Okeeeeey. I chanded mails for accs. Of course nothing.

    Okey. Ive started using opera not hrome browser. Nothing. (of course i never forget about clearning cashe)

    OKEY. I took my phone and created 1 acc. Just 1 acc. Added 3 boards, pins, followed 100 people. As always. One day latter - 56 followers. WTF??

    Now, 5 days latter that acc has 1500 followings and 637 (!!!) followers. First normal account. HOW ???

    It seems like spam filter from pinterest, but why??? and HOW? I was trying to build that accs for last 1,5 months. Ive tried and got crazy about pinterest. Can anybody help me please?? I need some answers . Seriosly. I need a help.
  2. Luka19

    Luka19 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 23, 2014
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    but did you follow the same people every time ?

    it seems that lastly you followed very active persons.. i always prefer working manually without any bots..
    i was checking few group boards and then following their followers manually.. but some accounts got only 1 or 2 followers back, while others got more than 10 follower (i'm always following 50 a day - no more - not to be too spammy)
    so some group boards have real followers, while others have spammy ones.. that's the real reason IMHO