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    Hi guys I'm somewhat new here and I've tried a few attempts to make money but I'm still not grasping the general concept and something is missing. I've tried amazon blogs, affiltiate blogs, and I tried Senuke except when I downloaded it, it crashed my computer. I am willing to give Senuke another shot even though I am weary about it killing my computer again. Even if I download Senuke to my computer I still feel like I won't be able to succeed because I'm not getting the whole picture.. It's not a good attitude but I am a hard worker and will do what it takes to succeed no matter how long it takes me to grasp whatever it is. I know there are a ton of guides to making money on here but I am wondering if anybody can give me a step by step guide as to how I can seriously make money. I'm a complete noob and I need a STEP by STEP guide, please help!
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    Methods, in and of themselves don't work. YOU work the method.

    Black Hat World is overflowing with great methods. Read the popular
    threads and keep trying. Maybe you are not giving a method enough
    time. If you jump around too quickly from campaign to campaign,
    it is likely that you will not get the results you desire.

    Best of Luck To You! :)


    PS: A good step-by-step starter course can be found HERE.