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    Hi BHW people,

    I have been lurking for ages and reading about people's upsides and downsides with affiliate programs so I decided to try my luck and see what it will bring.

    I have had several unsuccessful tries with other things so I am going to give this another try.

    I would be grateful if you help me understand some things that are confusing me:

    1. The Niche
    -Okay, so I have been investigating what sells on Amazon and I am pretty much sure that my niche will be related to health and beauty.
    The keywords I have searched via the Google Keyword Planner have around 30.000 searches per month and the Competition level is "Low" if that is correct that is ....

    2. Building the Website and adding content.
    -I intend to build a website via WordPress and to hire content writers in order to fill the website with quality content. My idea is to post an article or two every day (is this a good idea or ?) to keep the "audience" entertained and to attract more UV's per day.
    -I am going to get a domain + host
    -I want to know whether I should add the affiliate links on my home page or is there a better way to do it. For Example if my page is about Body lotions should I put the affiliate link while "reviewing" the product on the web site or should I just write a stunning review and put a button on the bottom saying "Get yours now" or "Buy now"? I am asking this because I have seen websites that don't have buttons or links to buyouts but they just use links in their texts that bring the potential customer straight to the product on Amazon if clicked. I would be grateful to know what is the best way.
    -I would also like to know what is the best way to force the customers to stay longer on your page ? Should I make a simple web site and add top notch quality content to it or just make a website that will have 10-15-20-50 links to inner sites. For example if my site is about body creams - should I make a home page and add 10+- pages underneath that will be for different brands, or cons and pros etc ? I think you know what I mean ?

    3. Traffic
    - Okay I am a total newbie regarding this. I have thought about it but I have no idea how to attract traffic? Should I buy traffic or ? How and what is the best way to attract visitors.

    I would REALLY want to know more about this since I want to start my journey during the weekend if that is possible.

    THANKS and I hope to hear from you :)