Help a Newbie out on some advice on Backlinks?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by shredthisway, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I will be honest with everyone here, I'm no expert on backlinks, infact I don't even know how it works or how to get lots of them. Here's my situation, I'm a guitar player with mediocre web designing skills and zero knowledge on SEO. I run a guitar site called It's recently started and I'm looking to promote it, from what I understand backlinks are the best way to go. So, here's my question how exactly do you get lots and lots of backlinks? Here's my strategy now, I pretty much leave comments on various guitar blogs I come across and have my site address as signatures in various forums I am active in. That's about it, sadly that is all the SEO that I am doing for GuitarGreed. With this approach I have managed to get my word across a few sites, but still I am not very sure about the quality of these backlinks, plus when I go to Alexa, all I can see is 1 backlink, which is a pretty depressing site after putting in so much time posting and commenting. I want this to change, do you guys have any suggestions?

    Please keep in mind that I simply do this for fun and I cannot afford to pay for backlinks. Infact, I hardly do this for money, the only thing that keeps me motivated to write and promote this site is the freebies that I receive from various guitar manufacturers for reviews. However I really want this site to pick up and be more visible across my niche. What is the best way to get lots of backlinks and make this possible without investing any money? I am willing to put in the time, just need to make sure that I am going in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    Your site actually has links from 9 different websites. Not bad, for all natural SEO. As for building links, you can always guest blog. Talk to other bloggers and tell them you will write content for their blog... give yourself a link back at the credits toward the end of the article.

    PM me, I'll tell you another quick trick that would work for your site.
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    I like your site, bro. I play guitar myself.
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    The first SEO economist:)
    If you are not willing to invest any money then you are in the right direction.

    Just find relevant website and try to get you links there, no matter that are blog where you post a comments or you contact the administrator of that website and do some link exchange.

    What I can say is that if you are not willing to invest the you will never get big quantity of backlinks, those are build using software or services that cost money.

    What I can also suggest is that you can build a facebook fan page.

    Another thing that I can suggest is to look over the completion backlinks, find where they build their backlinks and get the most relevant and try to also post your backlinks their.

    If you give me a list of your competitors url I can give a list of their backlinks for free.

    Just PM.