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    Hi everyone!

    I'm a student currently in high school. I've been lurking the forums for quite some time now, and at first I just wanted to try the friend blasters and social media tools for fun but I'm starting to get more dedicated and into money-making. Who doesn't want money right?

    I've worked at many offline jobs (McDonalds, paper route, manufacturing) in order to make money and have made quite a bit but I found that it was boring and wanted to make some extra income on the internet, while staying focused in school. I've read through most of the money making threads and although I thought they would work, it was hard to implement them. I've tried to use CPA offers but it seemed a bit sketchy to me and I'm not good at it so I stopped. I tried all sorts of internet marketing and I honesty failed at it. I've developed my own blog but felt like it wasn't on par with anyone else's so I stopped that as well.

    I go to a school which specializes in Art and I have years of experience with Art. My money-making method now is to design logos. I haven't sold many of them but the people who have bought my logos have told me they are very professional. I have even placed as a finalist in many logo design contests. It's just really hard to find clients but I am working on using the tools this forum provides to help with that!

    It's hard to get inspiration when all of the people you know in real life aren't interested in what you are doing. I'd like to meet people who have the same goals as me and improve together. I'm always looking for a conversation and I hope I could help you as much as you could help me!
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    Hello KAZMO! welcome to BHW community! good luck with your ventures!