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    Hello Community!

    Im a ecConomy and information system engineering student (between 22 - 26) and thought myself the last 2 years (besides the studies) a pretty big amount of techniques used in the internet. I am fluent in Python programming and C is my prefered language when it comes to low level stuff. So I would classify myself as a advanced programmer. I code Crypters (RunPE packers if you prefare) and all kind of Bots. I userd to spent a pretty big time finding and using exploits and was more or less successful during the last 2 years. If you want to know more, don't hesSitate to conNtact me...Be prepared: I don't know .NET and Visual Basic stuff. I code directly in the Win32-API...

    As you probably see, my mother tongue isn't english. Besides english, I spaek Spanish, German and French...

    Well some personal stuff:
    I use Linux Arch and (in Virtual Box) Windows 7 and Windows XP. My moral and ethic point of view are pretty resilent: But I would never do physical damage to a person and I will not participate in drRug crime...

    Why Am I here?
    Yeah, as you suggest, I am very motivated to learn (more or less) legal techniques in eEarnNing money with internet marketing. I'm determinded to connect my economic studies with the real underground world here in the dirty wild as Im willed to ofFfer my coding servVices to anybody who is inTterested. If you are in a need for tools, just aSsk me and I maybe code it for freEe (if the topic is interesting)...

    Have a nice day and im looking forward to learn a lot...
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    Hi mate.

    Welcome to the forum :)