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    Jun 19, 2011
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    Hello everyone!
    I was not exacly sure where to start posting on this forum so I decided to start here :p

    I would like to say this is a really interesting forum and I hope to learn a lot from you guys and earn some $

    At the moment I already have a raffle website where people to surveys to enter but it is going slow..

    I would really love to start autoblogging thought... I tried it but it is not going so well so I hope to learn how to do it properly here!
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    Mar 15, 2011
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    You need to first decide what are you looking to gain from an autobloging plugin. There are several plugin available at different pricing structures. If you are really serious and want an awesome pluging then choose WProbot, if you are just starting out then look at Autoblog Samurai it works on blogger and wordpress. This is a good plugin that will not break the bank.

    I think that most people fail with autobloging because they do not review the content before posting it and they get greedy. They make 10 posts a day when you only 2 so Google sees that there is so much activity that in the end may hurt you.

    I have written several articles and have reviewed some autobloging products check them out. In my opinion autobloging is great but only when the tools are used to make quality content. If the viewer is unable to read the content on your site because it does not make sense they will leave so what good is the traffic. If you have to market the site anyway make it count and keep the traffic coming back.