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    Hello I'm new at BHW. I'm reading a lot of treats here about making money for about a week, but I don't know what to learn exactly. I tried learning affliate marketing, tryed twitter method, sharecash. First then I came here I thouth about learning autoblogging, but It's too difficult for me, because I'm noob at here. Now I'm earning about few dollars on week from bux sites, but internet friends suggested me to go here and find nische and learn it. So I'm asking for your help what to do. Now i have 3$ in paypal, wordpress on free 300mb hosting and no idea. I have one idea, but I think It's not good. Is it possibe to put on my blog newest episodes for exampe ,,simpsons'' and put on it offer if you want to watch it? Sorry for bad english, I'm from Lithuania and waiting for your help...
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    yes dont bother with those bux sites. theyre a waste of time. if you can give a "sneak" on what you idea maybe someone can help but my take is try fiverr. the blog idea is good be. just build a plan. like this:

    1. join facebook
    2. join facebook pages like "the simpson" (in you example)
    3.a let the fans see you then spam them (post on the FB page)
    3.b add them using automated tools and use the "send them your link" approach (yeah spam them haha)
    3.c build relationshiip with these ppl and come payday spam them (much long term i think but time consuming)
    4.get money?

    but im not sure about copyright issues.

    if that didnt help try forum marketing. in your example (the simpsons) search for the "the simpson forum" or "fan page forum" or "the simpson cartoon" etc.hth
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    3$ in paypal... that's a nice start... If I was on your place you I would try to learn first as much as possible, read, read, read, and practice. Practice is the best teacher. Hello and good luck dude.
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    I remember when I first found BHW was I was into Bux sites, looking back I can't believe I was such a noob they are utter shite.

    I'd recommend concentrating on one method for a while because I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed when first starting, and make sure you actual implement instead of just reading which is another common pitfall.

    Your TV show idea does work but its saturated to hell.

    Good luck