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    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here on this forum and am really impressed with it. I have done a bit of web design here and there and never really considered the ideas on this forum before, in fact it was one of the forum members who solicited me by email about a money making scheme. I Googled him and it brought me straight to here.

    I am very interested with the ideas here, I have heard of most, but never tried it because when I first started web design it was presented to me as being 'taboo'. Now that I look clearly, I don't see anything 'taboo' with the majority of the tactics here and would like to learn more.

    If there are any experienced BHW guys out there that would like to take on an unpaid apprentice to help you out, I am definitely up for the opportunity to learn more. I am pretty dedicated and love working long hours just to learn and watch what happens, obviously I'm trying to make money too.

    I have experience and wouldn't need much direction, I have already dabbled a little with adult affiliate CFA programs and uploading videos and such. It's working a little, but I think I could benefit myself better if I helped out an experienced Internet marketer for only the payment of learning.

    Any tips or advice would always be appreciated, PM me please if I could be of some service.

    Thanks again, keep up the good job BHW!

    I'm located in New York City