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    Hi all , new to this realm of things . So bare with me as in time I will love to benefit myself and others, from what I can learn and share . (Dyslexic - So I do a lot of out the box thinking)

    Right a quick edit as now I got some time on my hands, I come from a land known as Wales. I have a couple of times stumbled across BHW on the internet and every time I think this site is where I should be. So hence why I have made an account. I am currently employed full time for my parents company, which is the Private health sector and I'm in the process of starting my own company in retailing E-Cigarettes. But I am always looking for other avenues to go down. I don't want to be Jack of all trades and Master of none. but I want to expand my mind and try other ways on making money , and helping others on the same path. I have had some ideas. Unfortunately all a few years to late , since places like eBay changed their policies. I'm not expecting a get rich over night scheme. But a get knowledge over night scheme.

    Looking forward to seeing what friendships and laughs I can have in the near future

    Cheers Jake =]
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