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    This introduction is a bit late, I guess. I joined BHW just over a month ago, and I have to say that I never thought it was possible to learn this much in this little time. I've made money, I've lost money, and I've gained a much deeper appreciation for the world of IM. I'm no newbie to the field I work in (email marketing), but I'm already heading in 9001 different directions thanks to all the lessons I've learned and tools I've gotten from BHW.

    But enough about that, I guess I'll get down to introducing myself. My name is Duncan M Smith, Esq. and I'm not a lawyer. A few people have asked about that title, so I guess I'll talk about it briefly. As I said, I'm not a lawyer; I wanted a title that I didn't have to do much to earn, and Wikipedia brought up "Esquire". All I had to do was be a gentleman (or, more specifically, one rank above gentleman). I make decent money, I enjoy a fine cigar every now and again, and I open doors for people. I also have enjoyed my share of wine in a box (quite possibly the classiest product in existence); and so, I felt justified in taking the title of Esquire. It felt right, like it deserved to be a part of my name, so it's stuck since then.

    I've been wearing my black hat with pride for a few years now. When I started, I was fresh out of high school with a head full of shit- and as we all know, that doesn't equal a hand full of money. Since then I've risen through the ranks of an out-of-the-way Sonic drive-in, I've given college a whirl, and I've replaced some of the shit in my head with useful information.

    I am going to be fabulously wealthy by the time I turn 25- I have another few years before I get there, and hopefully BHW will be a milestone on my road to success :D
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    Hi and welcome to the forums nice to meet you
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